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Autism Hour: 10-11am 6 - 13 October

Clarks Village has teamed up with leading autism charity, the National Autistic Society, to hold Autism Hours during 10am – 11am the week of 6 October.

Autism Hour was launched last year as the first mass-participation event to encourage shops to be more autism friendly and more than 5,000 shops and businesses took part. This year the National Autistic Society are thrilled that we have over 7,000 shops already signed up. Many celebrities are backing the campaign including Chris Packham, Anne Hegerty and Christine McGuinness.

Every participating store will, between the hours of 10am -11am:

  • Have music turned off.
  • Keep doors closed to create a relaxing and calm environment.
  • Keep Customer service very calm, quiet and friendly. Be available for the customer but take a step back and wait for the customer to approach when they feel comfortable.
  • No tasking to be performed which creates any unnecessary noise.
  • Keep conversations very calm and quiet.
  • If possible dim the lights within their store.