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Clarks Village Developments

Clarks Village was the UK’s first Outlet shopping centre.  Since opening our gates nearly 27 years ago we’ve continually developed, enhanced and improved the Village so that it offers our guests an unrivalled experience in shopping, dining and relaxing with friends and family.  That work continues today in further improvements that will deliver an even higher level of service and experience for our guests.

Phase I : Car Park Improvements

  • Over 90% of our guests arrive by car and it’s important to us that this is as effortless as possible. The first phase of our development projects will therefore begin with the resurfacing and line painting of the car parks which will commence 11th May and be completed by 20th May
  • Further enhancements of the car parking facilities will be planned for later this year.


Further development phases will be outlined over the coming months and will include exciting enhancements to totally refurbish another set of our toilet blocks (similar to last year's at the Play Area / Homeware Pavilion) and improvements to the Central Garden area.


What time of the day will the work be undertaken?

  • Between 8am and 8pm to avoid any unnecessary or inconvenient disruption to our neighbours


How does the Covid19 lock-down affect the work?

  • All work will be carried out within the guidelines that the Government have introduced;
    • Safe working with appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
    • Workers will be able to carry out their work within strict social distancing
    • To avoid unnecessary travel our contractors will be staying locally during the project
    • Construction Leadership Councils approved guidelines will be upheld at all times which means that all workers can operate safely during the COVID19 Lockdown


How long will the rest of the work take?

  • The time scales vary between the different projects ; as soon as we have finalised the details of any part of these projects we will update you.


Which car parks are being enhanced?

  • The car parks currently known as The Grange and Southleaze/Northside. 


Will I still be able to use these car parks during the development?

  • There will be a time during this initial phase where the car parks will be temporarily closed (e.g. during the resurfacing and painting), but this will be kept to a minimum.  We will ensure that at least one of the car parks is always open for access.


How do I find out more about what’s going on?

  • During this initial phase of development, which is taking place while Clarks Village is temporarily closed, please email any further questions to  and we will answer them as quickly as possible.  Thank You for your support.