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Frequently Asked Questions

What is outlet shopping?

The concept of outlet shopping was first conceived in the USA and is stereotypically situated in a mall-style development resembling a mock street, village square or quay-side. Its attractive shopping environment usually encompasses leisure facilities and an abundance of car parking for shoppers. The discounted content you find within each individual store consists of previous season’s stock, end-of-line products, quality seconds, cancelled orders, discontinued lines and returned merchandise, as well as specific outlet stock. Most of it is discounted at anything between 30% – 80% off high street prices.

Are dogs welcome at Clarks Village?


Well behaved dogs, guide-dogs and hearing dogs are very welcome.  The whole centre, and especially the gardens lend themselves so well to welcoming our four-legged visitors.  We have updated our Village Guide leaflets and our Directory Maps to identify the many brands that also welcome dogs into their shops. You can see the online version of the map here.

Can I park my Camper-van / Motor-home / Caravan?

We appreciate that some visitors are driving camper-vans or motor homes.  Our main public car parks don’t have bays for these vehicles – you can sometimes park across 2 bays (but don’t forget to buy 2 parking tickets!) but we have a solution.  You can park, space allowing, in our employee car park at the end of Southleaze Orchard, at the junction with Cranhill Road. However, it is essential that you call our Control Team (01458 840 064) and register your vehicle details, otherwise you’ll be clamped for illegal parking.  The postcode reference is BA16 0BH.

What is your returns policy?

Any goods purchased at one of our outlet stores do not affect your consumer rights. Ensure you check each individual store’s own returns policy.

Where can I get further information on the stores?

We have a shops page on the website where you can find out more about each individual store. Each dedicated brand page contains a telephone number and unit number so that you can contact them directly and locate their destination.

Where can I get a map of the centre?

View our online map. You can find each of the stores on the map and download the village map so that you can negotiate your way around the outlet quickly and easily. You can also pick up a site leaflet from numerous points throughout the village and get your bearings via the directory boards

What does RRP stand for?

RRP stands for Recommended Retail Price. This is specified by manufacturers when they produce an item for sale.

When is late night shopping?

Thursday until 8pm.

Can I shop online?

Everything sells out so quickly at Clarks Village that there is simply very little new stock that we could make available online. Plus, shopping in front of your computer screen or via a mobile device simply isn’t the same as experiencing the unique outlet shopping experience that people love so much. Come and experience village life today.

I'm a Blue Badge holder, how long am I allowed to park for free?

All of our car parks are long stay, meaning there are no time restrictions on free parking for blue badge holders - providing these are displayed correctly, clearly and are in date. Disabled guests are also able to park in any space if all disabled spaces are full.