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Villeroy & Boch: Mother's Day Gifts

Treat your mother to a special surprise, with a little help from Villeroy & Boch.

Transport your Mother to the fascinating world of the East with our Qunisai Gardens tableware. The pattern is inspired by the beautiful blooms in the gardens of Quinsai, the most magnificent city on the Silk Road. Each of the flowers depicted has a deeper meaning and creates a magical atmosphere on the table. The delicate paisley patterns add the finishing touch, transforming Quinsai Garden into a beautiful and charming work of art. 

Quinsai Gardens - further 30% off Outlet price. Premium Bone Porcelain, dishwasher & microwave safe. 


Floral gifts are a traditional way of expressing affection and gratitude. Say it with flowers and make breakfast a special event with a pretty arrangement of your mother's favourite blooms in our Nek, Numa, Oronda & Drop mini-vases. 

Coloured vases - further 25% off Outlet Price. Handmade. 


A thoughtful gift does not necessarily need to be extravagant to thrill a loved one. Our gift collection offers a wide selection of beautifully designed, attractive and perfectly crafted presents to suit every taste. The crystal glass tea light holders in the Coloured DeLight collection in modern on-trend colours will cast a beautiful light in your home. 

Coloured Delight tealight holders - 2 for £15.