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Plastic Reduction 'Pilot'

At Clarks Village, sustainability is very important to us and we’ve already introduced several initiatives to do 'our bit'.

Water Refill System

At Easter we installed a water refill system at the Grange Entrance (which has already been used 5311 times thereby saving the equivalent number of plastic bottles). 

Initiatives; 26-30 June

Between 26 – 30 June we will be trialling further initiatives to help reduce and recycle the amount of plastic.

We’re pleased that many of our stores have already moved to paper, bags-for-life or recycled solutions.

To see if this is something that our guests would support, we’ll be working with a number of our stores to trial the use of paper bags. 

During the 26-30 June these stores will be offering our guests the use of plain paper bags as an alternative.

Our Guest Services team will be stocked with paper bags and may well approach you if you are carrying plastic bags and ask if you’d like to swap it for one of our paper bags.

Refillable Water Bottles

A number of our brands sell a wide range of refillable, reusable water bottles...

Take a look at our selection (this is just a few)... How about buying the bottle you like the most, start using it today and do your 'bit' to help support a reduction in plastic waste?