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More about Radley

Radley was born in London and has a lasting passion for producing handbags and accessories for women who take inspiration from all they see and experience in life. A Radley product can easily be identified by its distinctiveness, quality, colour, character and functionality.

Our Story

The founder of Radley was Australian Lowell Harder who upon leaving the country of her birth in the 1970s headed for Europe. Thankfully she found herself settling in the UK after developing a like-mindedness for British culture.

Lowell was one of several young entrepreneurs to set up business in Camden Market in the 1980s where she learned the art of selling leather bags and gained an understanding of brand design and brand building. The passion she demonstrated has endured the passage of time and still shines through in everything Radley produces.

To make the brand more identifiable within such a competitive market an icon was sought to represent it, leading to the creation of the Radley dog. Boasting a bright red collar and striking outline, the Scottie has become synonymous with their range of product and is universally loved all around the world.

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