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We strongly recommend you pre-book & register before you arrive.

The Shopmobility service is available from 10am – 5pm every day (except Christmas Day when Clarks Village is closed) and is managed from the Tourist Information Centre – making it more accessible to all our visitors, irrespective of which car park you use.

The service is provided FREE of charge, we just ask for a small returnable deposit.

To make it as customer friendly and convenient as possible, friends and family can of course collect the pre-booked scooter or wheelchair from the TIC and take it back to the car park.

If you’re travelling alone and will find it difficult to get to the TIC please phone 01458 447384 and discuss your situation with the team. When you arrive please call the TIC to let them know where you are parked, we will then bring your scooter / wheelchair to you as soon as possible (please bear with us if this is during peak periods). Thank you for your understanding and support.

We strongly recommend that you pre-book your scooter / wheelchair; to do so, please complete the form below.

We understand that you may not arrive at the exact time you’ve booked the scooter and we do take that into consideration when allocating and managing the scooters.  However, if you’re going to arrive more than 2 hours later than planned please call the TIC and let them know; otherwise your scooter may well have been re-allocated by the time you arrive – thank you for your co-operation.

Register for Shopmobility

To make a Shopmobility booking please fill in the form below. Compulsory fields are marked with *


Medical Details

Please state the nature of your restricted mobility and any other relevant conditions that may effect the use of equipment:

I agree:

  • Not to leave the vehicle unattended unless safely parked and locked
  • To ensure that the vehicle is used with due care and attention
  • Not to carry others whilst the vehicle is in my care
  • To return the vehicle in good condition at the time agreed
  • To reverse and manoeuvre around the centre with due care and attention
  • To acknowledge that vehicles do not have the right of way
  • That I have been instructed in the safe use of the vehicle
  • That I accept responsibility for my own safety and belongings
  • That the powered vehicles are switched off when not in use
  • That I have not been diagnosed as suffering from any condition that would prevent me from operating the powered vehicles
  • That powered vehicles should not be used under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • In the event of any damage being caused whilst using the equipment, I accept that I am liable for paying for the repairs

All data given will be covered by the Data Protection Act 1984. None of my rights under this act are affected and my details will not be used for any other purpose without my permission.